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Product Plan

Product Plan
Product Plan

Product Planning is often based on Portfolio Matrices according to McKinsey or BostonConsultingGroup and the product technology roadmap, visualizing the planned future of the products.

Analyzing the actual offering, we create the Portfolio Matrix to visualize actual state of products and product groups.

In addition we support Products Managers in setting up technology roadmaps for different products lines to plan all future activities.

Four topics are relevant (Platzhalter von Roman):

  • Implementation of Lean Management - Focus on KMU
  • Lean Management and ERP Solutions
  • Local Approach and gobal supply chain
  • Change Management

The strenghts of our Lean Implementation approach can be summarized as follows:

  • Focused approach to get fast results
  • Fact based decision making through different methods & tools
  • How Lean Management can support todays ERP processes and strengthen the digital processes
  • Specific approach for involvement and change management